To establish Self Help Groups among the most marginalized women and to initiate income generating activities and to conduct various activities to empower women.

About Us

Women's Education and Economic Development Society

Creating awareness regarding Women Rights, protecting women from Child Abuse, to provide education to children and Women Development.

Formed women group in near by villages to stop illegal alcohol problem, Protest to stop illegal activity, Creating awareness about women development, Protest against women violence to protect women.

Our focus areas

An integrated approach to build a equitable and empowered society

Mission & Vision


“To remove discriminations and prejudices of every kind and to promote gender equity based on human dignity, equality and fraternity through education, organization and sustainable livelihood."


WEEDS strives towards establishing a more just social order by removing the present caste, class and gender exclusions prevailing in society by promoting an enabling environment that would ensure the equity between women and men and among the various social groups in the larger civil society by means of universal principles of human right, encompassing children and women rights through a process of participation in decision making.

Our Programs

Program Text

Banking (Micro Finance)

Poverty alleviation programs are currently active in India, microfinance plays a major contributor to financial inclusion. In the past few decades it has helped out remarkably in eradicating poverty. Self Help Group Women and Women from economically weaker section are the beneficiaries of this program. Number of beneficiaries addressed till date are 1 lakh. No of targeted are 2500. staff are specialized in the program are 8 members.

Program Text

Children Education support and Scholarship program

As we could see many children around the world dropout from the school due to financial problem and are forced to go for work due to family situation. Reasons why education is important because it focuses on contribution to economic growth and outcomes. Education can be defined as the stock of skills, competencies, and other productivity-enhancing characteristics.’ The Children from economically weaker and poor background are the beneficiaries of this program. No of targeted beneficiaries are 3000 and staff are specialized in the program are 3.

Program Text

Women skill development training program

Many women in India who are not educated, aspire to work for the development of their family. But they don't know that kind of job they can go for. We believe that a women growth make a family stable and also leads to economic growth of an individual. To work on dimensional impact of financial, economic and social inclusion of every individual women. The women from the economically weaker, poor and also for the women who needs financial assistance are the beneficiaries. No of targeted beneficiaries are 2000 and staff are specialized in the program are 2.

Our Activities

House construction


We have build 189 houses for poor among which 25 tribal families were benefitted between 2009 to 2014

Fought for Dalit families


WEEDS fought for 75 Dalit families to get back their panchami lands constituting 200 hectares between 2012 to 2014

self help groups


1100 SHG’s were formed and functioning effectively in 4 districts. So far more 60 crore loans were provided for women through bank linkage program in 2019


Board Members

B. karlin


P. Anadhalakshmi

vice president

A. Helen Joyes


s. Pushpa

Assistant secretary



A. Satya

Board member

K. Arulmozhi

Board member

Advisory Panel

J. Johnson

Designation: Micro Finance. Field of expertise: Human rights activist. Experience in the relevant field:25 years. Educational qualification: M.A Sociology. 9443136796

Simon Joseph

Designation: Lecturer in Loyola college. Field of expertise: Social Activities and Project consultant. Experience in the relevant field: 30 years. Educational qualification: PhD. 9444452786

S. A. Chelladurai

Designation: Social Activist. Field of expertise: social worker. Experience in the relevant field: 30 years. Educational qualification: Dip. Electrical and Electronics. 9884474866


Designation: Advocate. Field of expertise: Acts and laws . Experience in the relevant field: 30 years. Educational qualification: BA.BL 9791104329


Aruldoss. P

N. Arunachalam

S. Amutha

D. Dhanalakshmi

D. Nalani

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Account Number: 15460100219

Bank: ICICI Bank

Branch: Poonamallee

IFSC Code: ICIC0001546

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